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40% Commissions Today!

Want to start making an additional income? It's easy when you sell our Procrastination Solutions Kit. is our Affiliate Program processor. is one of the web's most established and respected Affiliate Program processors. Their system is simple to use and reliable.

40% Commissions!

We pay a hefty 40% commission on every sale you make. That's a whole lot more than most affiliate programs. In fact, you make about as much as we do on every kit you sell!

How are commissions calculated?
Here is an example of the commission calculation:
Retail Price: $29.00
40% of the Sale Amount: $11.60

You decide how much money you want to make
We don't require that you make a minimum number of sales to be part of our program. Whether your goal is to make a few extra dollars, hundreds, or even thousands of extra dollars each month, your sales goals are entirely up to you!

Sell our products on your Web site, in your ezine, in your email signature, or all three!
You have the opportunity to make $100 or even $1000 or more each month simply by promoting our Procrastination Solutions Kit on your Web sites, in your ezine and/or our email signature. We provide you with links and marketing tools, and we take care of everything else.

Free and fast to join
It's completely free to sell our products--no dues, no membership fees, nothing to buy. You simply earn your 40% commission on each sale of our digital downloadable product that is generated by visitors who come to our site as a result of clicking your affiliate link.

What's your job?
Your only job is to promote our products on your Web site, in your ezine, and/or your email signature. We'll take care of everything else. We will communicate with the customer, we'll answer their questions, we'll fulfill their orders and finalize the sale. Once each month you'll receive a commission check for the sales you've made. And you can log onto your account and view your real time stats, so you'll know how many sales you made, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your customers' email addresses will not be shared or sold.
We will not share or sell the names or email addresses of your customers who purchase our products. This information is safe with us and will be kept in strict confidence. And we won't try to sell them anything else. They're YOUR customers.

Who is our program open to?
Our affiliate program is open to anybody living anywhere in the world, as long as you have Internet access. A deposit will be made in your PayPal account, or a commission check will be sent (your preference), in US dollars for your commissions every month at the address you indicate.

Get started today in three easy steps!
We use an automated affiliate program service called CartVille. To start earning your commissions, you must fill out the affiliate form. This will give you your unique affiliate code that identifies you. When a customer clicks on your link to go to our sales page, if that customer purchases our product, we'll then know the sale is from your customer, and you will get a commission based on that sale.

Step 1: Click below to join our affiliate program. You'll be directed to our affiliate sign up page where you'll input the address where you would like your commission checks to be sent.

Step 2: Come back to this page and choose the graphics and sample ads you can use on your Web site and in your newsletter, so you can start earning 40% commissions today!

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Affiliate Resources

Here are some resources that you can use to help build your affiliate program!

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